7 Verse 925 Silver Necklace, Shield Necklace

7 Verse 925 Silver Necklace, Shield Necklace (DK0132)

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7 Verse 925 Silver Necklace, Shield Necklace




Handmade item
Materials: Silver
Chain style: Foxtail
Style: Victorian
Protective Silver Necklace, Protecting From Negativity Necklace, 7 Verse 925 Silver Necklace,Shield Necklace, Gift for Friend, Vintage Style


✔ Our necklace is double sided.
✔ It has 3 verses on one side and 4 verses on the other.
✔ As you can see, if it is remembered and read, it is good for all troubles.
✔The Perfect Gift Necklace to Remind You to Pray

Necklace Features;

Gender: Male Female
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Craftsmanship: Crafts
Total weight (including chain) 4.30+4.5=8.80 gr
Pendant Height: 4cm (including crown)
Width: 2cm
• The Protective Necklace is ideal for daily use.
• You will be amazed by the quality of this meaningful Necklace prepared with quality craftsmanship.
• Keeps you away from evil spirits and Negative thoughts.

✔ Verses Written on the Necklace:


1-Zumar Surah 38. Verse
2-Fatir Surah 2. Verse
3-Ankebut Surah, Verse 60
4-Hud Surah 56. Verse
5-Repentance Surah, Verse 51
6-Yunus Surah, 107th verse
7-Hud Surah 6th Verse





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