Suleiman the Magnificent Ring
Suleiman the Magnificent Ring
Suleiman the Magnificent Ring
Suleiman the Magnificent Ring
Suleiman the Magnificent Ring

Suleiman the Magnificent Ring (DEY1139)

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Suleiman the Magnificent Ring




It is decorated with Ottoman Tugras on it and Ottoman motifs on the sides.
The Ring Is Made Of 925 Sterling Silver Metal.
Our products contain our Resurrection Jewelry Logo.
You can contact us for different color and pattern options.
Your order is sent as a gift package inside the Diriliş Jewelry Special Gift Box.
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Silver Polishing Cloth will be delivered to you in your cargo as a gift from our company so that you can easily care for your silver ring.
The product is 15.82 Grams.



Suleiman the Magnificent, the 10th Ottoman Sultan and the 89th Islamic caliph, ruled the Ottoman Empire for 46 years. He spent 10 years and 1 month of his reign on expeditions. According to the West, he is known as Suleiman the Magnificent, and in the East as Suleiman the Magnificent for his justice.


The reason why he is called Suleiman the Magnificent is not because he found new laws, but because the existing laws were written and strictly enforced. One of the clearest proofs of this is that he thought that the tax collected from Egypt was not much and that, as a result of the research he had done, he ordered the change of the Governor of Egypt, thinking that the people were being persecuted. When Suleiman the Magnificent came to the throne, the Ottoman Empire was the most powerful and richest state in the world. After his father's death, he became the sultan, causing the Europeans to rejoice, who thought, "The lion died, the lamb took his place". But it was Suleiman the Magnificent who soon disappointed the Europeans!



The ring of such a magnificent, powerful and just sultan is here with the signature of the Resurrection Jewelry! Suleiman the Magnificent ring is on sale at a campaign price.



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